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Here you can arrange your visit to the United Kingdom to stay in the homes of qualified Teachers, Registered with The National Union of Teachers

If you qualify, you can spend 6 days (5 nights) with an English speaking family so that you will naturally improve your English ability. This is Total Immersion Language Learning and is the proven best way to make rapid improvements.

So how does it work?

We arrange for people from outside the UK to come over to the England to spend time with English speaking professionals to learn the English language.
Total Immersion learning in the best and most natural way possible to learn a new language. Your vocabulary will grow and your pronunciation will be improved.

Will I take lessons or need to sit an exam?

No – The Teachers will not give formal lessons in English and there are no tests or examinations – this is learning by speaking English in everyday situations by living in the homes of English speaking families.

You will be with the teachers for daily shopping and visiting nearby places of interest. So the visit can be full of interest as well as the main objective of improving your English.

Learn The English Language The Natural Way Through Total Immersion

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